Special Services

With a sound understanding and experience base in managing the medical and aviation aspects of complex and emergency situations we understand how crucial a commitment to an all hazards approach and the importance of multi-agency cooperation and collaboration is. Our coordination staff are accredited in the Australian Inter-Agency Incident Management System (AIIMS) as well as the Major Incident Medical Management System (MIMMS). More importantly, we bring real life, real time emergency and disaster leadership experience to any operation and are well placed to support local emergency managers, enabling them to maximize the full benefit of aviation assets in their response and recovery operations.

Many of our flight teams and coordination team have demonstrated significant achievements in providing real time, real life leadership at declared disasters such as cyclones, floods and fires. This experience is also added to by our involvement in the provision of planning and leadership in several high risk high security events for state and commonwealth governments. It is this diverse range of experience and achievement in the provision of medical support and coordination that enables us to confidently integrate our emergency and specialised operations with existing emergency management and health arrangements to offer the highest levels of real time support.

Whether we are supporting your operations ourselves or in collaboration with other agencies and NGO's you can be assured that our commitment, experience and achievement ensures the best care, protection and support.

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A safe and secure community

Evolving changes in the security environment pose new and complex challenges for both government and industry alike. Among these challenges in these uncertain times is the need to reassure the community, clients and partners and provide the necessary support to front line operations within the reality of tight fiscal constraints.


Whilst some organisations and jurisdictions have access to in-house aviation assets, many have a limited surge capacity.  We offer dedicated purpose fitted aircraft and crews to provide operational support on an as needs basis.  Often industry and government can struggle to rapidly acquire specialised aircraft and crews at short notice,  so short term incident, event or operation specific leasing becomes a useful alternative.


With aircraft configured with night sun lighting and FLIR along with sophisticated communications equipment, agencies, organsiations and industry simply need to provide specialist staff to manage their operational tasking.


We operate several aircraft which have been specifically configured for combined disaster, law enforcement and EMS operations.  The presence of a specialist medical crews on board the aircraft will provide some reassurance to local leaders, but the reassurance to operational staff and the broader community's confidence is priceless.


For detailed information on how Vector360’s venture can support statutory agencies and industry with specialised services please contact us directly.  We understand the need for discretion and confidentiality.

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