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Our company

Vector360 (MedSAR) is a unique company providing exceptional levels of emergency and specialised aviation service and support to business, government, agencies and emergency response organisations. Bringing together high levels of expertise in aviation, emergency medical service and the enormous capability and capacity of the region's largest aviation companies - we offer a complete, single sourced emergency aviation solution for any situation. With a broad range of in-house aircraft types featuring dedicated EMS SAR twin engine helicopters, utility heavy-lift helicopters, EMS capable pressurised turbo-prop fixed wing and critical care executive jets supported by exceptional in house engineering and logistics support, we offer unique operational sustainability, efficiency and flexibility. Our flight crews are all accredited to provide the highest levels of clinical care utilising best practice guidelines approved by our clinical director, consistent with the resuscitation council guidelines and in accordance with state drug legislation mandated approval.


Our crisis leadership specialists will ensure that our on ground service delivery integrates smoothly with local coordination arrangements as either a stand-alone provider or in conjunction with other providers and agencies. We adopt an agile and adaptive approach to our planning, preparation and response activities enabling us to offer maximum levels of operational service to clinically complex cases and events cost effectively. Combined, our team, our partners and their aircraft add to our operational flexibility and adaptability in supporting emergency  and specialised aeromedical operations. Its not hard to see how our operation can add capacity and be a capability multiplier for yours.